Welcome to Ancient Greece. Our favourite Glee clubbers are descendants of the Olympians, and must carry out their will on Earth. Along the way, there will be romances, problems, and godly power among them. 12 teens, 12 Olympians. How can they cope? Will they be able to do their gods bidding? That much is up to you.

Ancient Greek Glee

Blaine Anderson | Age: 17 | Ships: Up to player | Patron God: Hermes | OPEN

In the time of Ancient Greece, the Olympians were the  symbol of power, the creation of the world. They were a powerful force, but  even  they were not perfect. The Greek Gods need help controlling mankind. Yes, they are still in power, but they need enforcers on Earth to make their jobs easier. The New Directions of the past are descendants of the gods, or mortals chosen by the deities. They must help the Olympians to control the Earth. Along the way, they will face romances, trouble, and the gods themselves. The story is up to you.

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